Meeting Room

Our Meeting Room features many amenities including:

  • Conference phone 
  • Epson Projector and screen
  • Surround sound
  • Media cabinet with laptop
  • Table and chairs for up to 25 people


  • $25.00 FEE must be paid to pick up key.
  • $25.00 DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Deposit will be returned IF no violations occur.
  • Media cabinet offered-Must ASK when reserving room.
  • No alcohol or tobacco use permitted on premise.
  • The meeting room may be used for academic functions/events such as: readings, lectures, discussions, film, video showings, book signing, and meetings. Other events such as: baby or bridal shower, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. events are at the discretion and approval of the BOARD.
  • Non-Profit Organizations are asked to donate $10.00 towards room use at time of key pick up.
  • The meeting room key may be picked up the day before the event.  Library hours:  Monday –Friday 10:30am -5:30pm.
  • The St. Francis Public Library WILL NOT be responsible for any items bought or sold at events.

         The undersigned library patron and /or organization that uses the room will be held accountable for any expenses as a result of lost or damaged property during the term of reservation, or expenses incurred in cleaning of the room as a result of its use.


  • The kitchenette will be available; please furnish own supplies.
  • The room will be swept and mopped after use. Broom, mop, and cleaning supplies are kept in storage room.
  • Tables and chairs shall be stacked neatly against the wall in the storage room.
  • All trash shall be removed from the facility.
  • Lights will be turned out. Ceiling fans will be shut off.
  • Windows and doors closed and locked.
  • Please check bathrooms and take trash out and lights shut off.
  • Place key in book drop return!
  • The St. Francis Public Library has a projector screen, surround sound, DVD player, laptop computer, and conference phone for use in the meeting room. PLEASE ask when you make reservation to use any of these items, and we will provide the key for the media cabinet. The media cabinet MUST be checked and all items secured before DEPOSIT returned.
  • The librarians WILL NOT supervise minors. Please see that children are kept with an ADULT and supervised. Children are not allowed to play with items in the storage room.

Please contact us with any questions and/or to sign a reservation form!

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