Hansen Foundation

St. Francis, KS

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation was established as a charitable organization in 1965, with the primary goal of making the communities of Northwest Kansas better places to live. Established through generous donation from Dane G. Hansen, the Foundation awards grants and scholarships every year to qualified recipients in Northwest Kansas who demonstrate a strong desire for community improvement.

St. Francis Public Library Award Timeline

  • 2018 STFPL was chosen to receive a grant for $5,000 for nonfiction materials. Nonfiction materials will be purchased and include: computer science, science, philosophy, psychology, technology, religion, arts, recreation, social sciences, literature, language, history, and geography. Nonfiction can reflect on the past or provide a fresh perspective on a concept. Nonfiction helps to educate our youth and guide them into knowledgeable, rational adults. We are never to old to learn. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can have to change the world.” ~Nelson Mandela

  • 2017 STFPL was chosen to receive a grant for $10,000 for beautification projects. There is an ongoing need for people to have an inviting, safe place to congregate and engage in community activities. This grant will provide our library with funds to create an inviting setting for the community including comfy, outdoor seating, potted plants, and WiFi available 24 hours. By being beautiful and inviting outside, we give our community a safe place to relax and enjoy all the benefits of our library.

  • 2016 STFPL was chosen to receive a grant for $7,690 for an activity room and community conference center. The activity room hosts a place for children and teens to meet for positive after-school or summer activities including studying, reading, watching movies, and playing video games on our Xbox One and Wii U. Our conference room hosts a large area for public meetings during the day or evenings, and is equipped with a media hub for any presentation.