Donating Books and Materials

Donations are accepted year round.   Following these guidelines  will help staff and volunteers sort the donations and get the books on the shelves quickly and efficiently:


  • The Library welcomes donations of materials (books, movies, audiobooks, etc.) that are in good condition and have been published/produced within the last 10 years (with the exception of historical materials). We do not accept sets of encyclopedias or textbooks.
  • Damaged, musty, or mildewed items should be disposed of and not brought to the library.
  • If a donor wishes to donate a magazine or newspaper subscription, they should contact the Library Director.
  • The library reserves the right to utilize donated materials in whatever way best benefits the collection and services of the library. Donations that fall within our collection development guidelines may be added to the collection. Donations not added to the collection may be given to the the local thrift store, or discarded if necessary.
  • Due to the quantity of donations, items not added to the collection cannot be returned to the donor. All donations become the property of the library.
  • A letter of receipt for tax purposes is available on request. The donor is responsible for determining the value of any donated items.
  • Donations of artwork may be accepted by the Library. Donated pieces may be approved for display in the library or they may be sold with the proceeds going to the Library donation fund.