Common Questions

How do I get a library card?

Getting a library card is easy – and it’s free! Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Library cards are available free of charge for residents of St. Francis and the other communities of Cheyenne County.
  2. Children ages 17 and under are eligible for a library card; they must have a parent or legal guardian provide their signature and assume responsibility for library use by the juvenile patron.

How many things can I check out? And how long can I keep them?

Limitations are: 10 books, 3 DVDs, 3 board games, and/or 3 audio-books at one time. There are no late-fees, however if you lose one of our items, it is $30 to replace each one. 

Adult non-fiction & fiction books
2 weeks
Children / Young Adult non-fiction & fiction books2 weeks
Magazines 7 days
Audiobooks2 weeks
DVDs7 days
Newspapers May not be checked out
Video Games May not be checked out
Board Games7 days
InterLibrary Loan (ILL)2 weeks (no renewal)
New BooksCommon Courtesy of 7 days
NWKLS Rotating Books
2 weeks

How do I renew my library materials?

You can bring the items you wish to renew in to the library and the staff will be happy to renew them for you. If you can’t come in to the library, you can call the library (785-332-3292) and we will renew the items over the phone.

Do you have computers I can use?

Yes, we do! We have 3 public desktop computers and 2 Chromebooks (in-house use only) with internet access.

How much are late fees?

There are no late-fees, however if you lose one of our items, it is $30 to replace each one. 

There’s a new book coming out that I really want to read. Can I ask the library to buy it?

Our librarians are pretty good at ordering all the latest popular books, but if a new book (or movie) has come out that you’re interested in and it doesn’t look like we’ve got it here at our library, you can make a purchase suggestion.  

Please note that we can’t always purchase everything that our patrons suggest. We have a limited book budget and guidelines for developing and maintaining our collection. However, we are committed to meeting the needs of the community, so we do consider all recommendations. 

We can also do an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) and request the material from another library in Kansas.

I’m doing some spring cleaning. Will the library take all my old books?

The library is happy to accept donations of books and other materials. Librarians look at donated items to see if any are suitable to added to the library collection. Any items that do not go in to the collection are given to our local thrift store. We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to determine what you can and cannot donate to the library:

  • Hardcover and paperback books should be in good readable condition. Books with broken spines, missing pages/covers or water damage should be discarded.
  • Please discard any books that have a musty or “mildewy” odor. Mildew spreads easily between books and is difficult to eliminate.
  • We accept DVDs, some video games, and audio-books. Homemade video and audio recordings are not accepted.
  • We do not accept old sets of encyclopedias or outdated textbook.

Can I pay with a credit card?

We do not accept credit cards. We can accept checks or cash.

Do you have a fax machine? A photocopier?

We do have a public fax machine. If you ask at the front desk, someone will be happy to assist you. There is a fee of $1.00 per page. The fee is the same for both sending and receiving a fax. (If you have a fax sent to you through the library, you must let the library know in advance or the pages received will be discarded.) 

We also have a public copier that can make 8 1/2 X 11 (letter) copies. Photocopies are 25¢ per page for black and white copies and 50¢ per page for color copies.

Do you have tax forms?

Yes, the library carries basic tax forms and instructions for both Federal and State tax returns during the tax season. The forms generally arrive mid-January. If we don’t carry the forms you need, the staff can help you print them from the public internet computers. The cost of printing is 25¢ per printed side. Library staff cannot offer tax assistance, including choosing the appropriate form, filling them out or offering tax advice.

Patrons may use public internet computers to complete and file their tax returns electronically. However, there is a 2 hour time limit so plan accordingly. Remember to bring all necessary paperwork and forms with you. Once again, staff cannot offer assistance in completing your tax returns. 

St. Francis Public Library does not offer tax assistance programs.